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The Certifications: ISO Quality 9001:2015 e Sicurezza ISO 45001:2018 (ex BS-OHSAS 18001:2007)


CertSGQQuality, Perfection and efficiency of plants and all other services rendered.

The MERIELETTRA2 S.r.l., has always had as its primary goals the Quality of the activities and work carried out and the Worker health and safety (SSL).

The pursuit of these objectives, In addition to the need to succeed and Excel in the field, induces the company to engage and seek to provide a valid and effective service, at the same time guaranteeing the best conditions for its workers, through the optimisation and rationalisation of all resources in the various fields of management.

The MERIELETTRA2 S.r.l. is a company attentive to the Quality as a distinctive feature on the market.
The sole administrator considers, In fact, the Company's industrial future depends from the following fundamental factors:

  • Final customer satisfaction of all stakeholders;
  • Observance of delivery schedules are defined in the contract, or timeliness of completion of the works;
  • Economic competitiveness;

The points that have always driven business strategies are:

  • maintain a high degree of technical competence (Technical Quality) the owners and staff;
  • having satisfied Clients as corporate strength, always trying to solve their problems by respecting the times, the costs and the quality required;
  • having as a point of reference not only profit, but mostly corporate growth;
  • issue periodic improvement plans, prefissandosi timely goals to be achieved and to improve continuously

Because of changes in the market and in accordance with the strategic lines of the company, has become the primary goal to aim systematically to quality to enhance our competitiveness.

The company strives to achieve the following objectives:

  • Meet, priority in, demonstrating high availability, the needs of its Customers;
  • Maintain and strengthen an excellent location within their specialist area;
  • Establish a process of continuous improvement of the service offered to the customer, both on plants, than on services rendered;
  • Identify new products and services to offer to our customers;
  • Motivate your employees to achieve continuous improvements;
  • Periodically review this S.G.Q. to continually adapt it to the requirements of these regulations and improve the effectiveness of the same
  • Continuously improve performance and the service.

In order to achieve these objectives the MERIELETTRA2 S.r.l. implementing the following activities:

  • Analyze requests and information received by the market and by the customer in order to improve or propose a complete and detailed project;
  • Considers as a priority the attainment of specified quality objectives;
  • Puts focus on the degree of satisfaction of product/service offered to the customer and make corrections to improve the use of the products by the customers themselves;
  • Keep up-to-date on issues relating to the quality;
  • With particular attention in the selection of our suppliers catalogues, especially as regards advanced technologies and products of major purchase;
  • Check the conformity of the system and improvement plans
  • Communicates the policy internally and makes sure that it is understood;
  • Review the policy to ensure it remains adequate.

Respect of standards Occupational health and safety makes up for the MERIELETTRA2 S.r.l., the Foundation of its operational strategies.
The senior management is promoting direct actions to protect the health of human resources and ensure that the services offered are not significant risks for people. Undertakes therefore, within your organization, to implement the following principles for action, Depending on the context in which it carries out its activities:
· Ensure the maintenance and continuous improvement of LEADS to ensuring compliance with the requirements laid down by the legislation relating to health and safety;
· Ensure commitment to injury prevention / occupational diseases;
· Ensure compliance with the relevant legislation and the requirements of SSL signed by nature related to its dangers;
· Ensure the commitment to consider the OHSMS and its results as an integral part of corporate management and provide the necessary human and instrumental resources;
· Assess the risks of their activities and adopt management practices such as to ensure that the means used and the activities offer the added protection;
· Sensitize and train the staff inform, at all levels of the Organization, so that they can perform their duties safely and assume their responsibilities on OSH;
· Undertake to regularly review the policy and the system (OHSMS);
· Engage the involvement and consultation of workers, even through their security representatives.

The implementation of these commitments is supported by the definition of objectives, goals and programmes established and periodically reviewed.
These objectives, defined by top management, will be documented and communicated to the interested.
The Directorate is committed to implement all the measures and resources required for the continuation of these principles, in keeping with a general approach to continual improvement.